What exactly is Coaching?

Through coaching, individuals and teams are supported in a dynamic process of exploration. Coaching encourages individuals to probe their personal and professional aspirations, defining experiences, and strategies for personal learning in pursuit of increased impact and effectiveness.

Coaching uses guided inquiry to assist clients in accessing their capacity to challenge assumptions, explore new approaches, make bold decisions and achieve personally-meaningful goals.

“As a coach I am committed to connecting people to their purpose and possibilities. I serve as partner to my clients, helping them explore their personal vision and life goals, their professional skills, career aspirations and the impact they hope to achieve over their careers. I strive to help my clients define their leadership values and style in a way that brings clarity, commitment and courage to their work and, most importantly, as they live their lives.”



What Coaching Services Are Offered?

Leadership Coaching

Focus on developing client capabilities and skills for greater impact
and success.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Support to senior leaders striving to achieve short and long term organizational goals.

Career Coaching

Explore clients strengths, aspirations and competencies to chart meaningful career pathways and strategies to achieve them.

Women Leaders, Next Gen, & Culturally Specific

Targeted support to younger and diverse voices seeking to bring new perspectives and pioneering approaches to address societal challenges and workplace barriers.

Transition and Succession Coaching

Support of individuals and boards stewarding an organization through a transition to new leaders or operational model.

Group Coaching

Offered throughout the year for individuals, teams, work or special interest groups focused on personal growth, skill enhancement and pursuit of individual and/or collective goals.

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What People Are Saying

“If I were to use only one word to describe Amina’s coaching, it would be wisdom. She sharpened my mental game by committing with a laser-like focus on opportunities and preventing me from taking u-turns. On a tactical level, I received an arsenal of strategies to attack challenges in my career and personal life based on insight from the variety of her successes in nonprofit work, the corporate world, and philanthropy.”


Non-profit leader

“It has proven essential to my development to be able to work with a coach who could provide flexible and responsive space to examine long and mid-term strategy, day to day tactics and even life-work balance. the process trnsformed my understanding of leadership, my expectations and my communication style.”


Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago

“Amina, through her Coaching, has made me a stronger leader. She comes to the table with an open mind and helps you find your strengths, your voice and helps guide you in the best direction.“


Executive Director, South Chicago Art Center

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