DGA employs forward-thinking strategies, inventive tools and resourceful ideas as the foundation of its work. Using a value-driven, globally-conscious lens, DGA strives for creative approaches that enable clients to realize new standards of operational excellence, and demonstrate distinctive thinking in advancing their missions.

DGA serves as strategic thought-partner alongside clients. Each engagement is developed with a tailored and collaborative approach.

DGA Specializes In:


In an environment of economic uncertainty, elevated social needs and high competition for talented leaders, focused thinking about the long term future of an organization is a primary responsibility for Board and senior leaders. Stewardship thinking provides a structure for leaders to consider critical long term management needs to better ensure institutional sustainability. DGA works with organizations to design a holistic strategy for effectively stewarding leadership change – from Board leadership to executive staff and key programmatic areas.

Philanthropic Counsel

A range of support services are provided to foundations and corporate giving programs, including signature program design, corporate giving strategies, grant review and program management, exit strategy design, program scaling, impact studies and communication. Blending a coaching approach, DGA also offers tailored programs to support and develop program officers, teams and working groups in order to increase staff retention, especially for entering professionals and people of color.

Scenario Thinking

Today’s complex economic and social environment creates great challenges for non-profit and foundation leaders. Scenario thinking is a multi-step process that generates fresh, creative strategies to navigate knotty operational challenges. Beginning with a long-term look at critical factors in the organization’s operating environment. including driving forces and critical uncertainties, scenarios are developed. Though it requires an investment of time, when well-executed, scenario thinking enables organizations to forecast unanticipated opportunities and unforeseen difficulties, or serve as a thoughtful complement to strategic planning or, shorter term planning.

Cultural Programming Initiatives

DGA brings a combined experience of more than 30 years in the arts and culture sector. Working across disciplines and in settings that generate strong community engagement, DGA assists cultural planning, outreach strategies, cultural program design, and marketing and communications. DGA brings a special knowledge of diverse communities and creative, often inter-disciplinary approaches to collaboration between arts organizations, schools, communities and other strategic alliances.

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